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OPENEYE MEDIA is a creative agency specializing in branding, concept development, film & video production and photography for all areas of advertising including

TVCs, company profiles, film & television, along with campaign promotion and live events.

Situated in Bali since 2004 with an international client list- OPENEYE MEDIA has full production and post-production facilities for any project.

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OPENEYE MEDIA was founded by Robert Koster in Vancouver, Canada in 2000 and has been based in Bali, Indonesia since 2004.

Robert’s education background is in media communications and advertising as well as film and audio. He co-founded ITV.net in 1995 which pioneered live webcasting events around the globe including the Grammys, Cannes, U2 Tours, David Bowie, and a first ever Mount Everest live webcast- to name a few.

He has spent over 17 years living and working in Asia including Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.


OPENEYE MEDIA is currently based in Bali working in TV and Film, creating TVC’s and company profiles, along with helping brand- product campaigns and filming live events and concerts for Indonesia’s biggest promoters.

With a range of clients from Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and the US and Canada, OPENEYE MEDIA has a mobile media team ready to work anywhere. OPENEYE MEDIA is also investing much more into our own think tank of creative marketers and script writers, beginning several of our own online video projects in 2014.

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OPENEYE MEDIA is looking to form relationships with future clients who see the potential in the massively growing online media world- in particular with video and the potential for companies to communicate a much broader message with less restrictions.

OPENEYE MEDIA Plans to continue into developing short films and short story concepts for independent and company projects as well as creating an onlline video streaming network dedicated events in and around Asia.

Further embracing the technology for filming and post production- producing media has never been more exciting for those with a good idea.

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We Excel at creating the highest quality productions in Asia for all ranges of projects.

Our Team is comprised of an international group of cinematographers, directors, writers and creative media developers who infuse creativity and imagination into everything they do.

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